Terms and Conditions of Inspection Fees and Charges

SPI 518-158 (Rev. 7/9/2007)

The following instructions will assist Shipping Point Inspectors in determining how and what fees apply to the various methods utilized by the service. In most cases, applicants utilizing our service have a choice of which type of service will fit their needs. Each commodity (not variety) will be figured as a separate fee. Sometimes the commodity will be packed under different U.S. standards, such as celery under Consumer Standards and Regular or Wholesale U.S. Standards, and both will be included in the same certificate. In such cases, it would be considered as one commodity for fee purposes.

Mixed containers of one commodity will be figured as a single commodity, even though each type of container appears on the schedule with a different fee.

For commodities not covered, the Time Charges shall prevail.

When more than one commodity appears on a certificate, there will be a minimum fee of $28.50 for each commodity certified.