Cannabis/Hemp Boards & Commissions

Industrial Hemp Advisory Board

The Board advises CDFA and makes recommendations on matters including, but not limited to, industrial hemp law and regulations, enforcement, annual budgets, and the setting of an assessment rate.

Members Outlined in FAC 81001 - 13 members:
(1) Five registered growers of industrial hemp.
(2) Two members of an established agricultural research institution.
(3) One representative of the California State Sheriffs’ Association.
(4) One county agricultural commissioner.
(5) One representative of the Hemp Industries Association or its successor industry association.
(6) Two representatives of businesses that sell industrial hemp products.
(7) One member of the public.
Length of Term 3 Years
Meetings per Year At least once per year. The IHAB recently voted to meet quarterly.
Meeting Location(s) 1220 N Street, Sacramento
Board Contact California Industrial Hemp Program
(916) 654-0435

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