Mission Statement

Strategic Plan


To enrich the lives of California's citizens by ensuring the Network of California Fairs continue to exist as viable, recreational and cultural facilities of general public interest. California's Fairs serve as world leaders in providing educational and competitive exhibits that highlight California's industry and industrial enterprises, resources and products of every kind & nature. California Fairs focus on improvement, promotion, encouragement and reward of excellence in those endeavors.


  • All business partners are treated with respect and valued for their contributions.
  • Fair Boards and staff are provided with the maximum autonomy to make decisions at the local level.
  • We provide regulatory oversight combined with a strong customer service philosophy.
  • We serve as a conduit to assist members of the fair industry in understanding how government works.
  • We share information, funding decisions and best business practices with all members of the fair industry.
  • Financial data is made readily available to all interested parties.
  • We provide resources, tools and training to assist the fair industry in understanding their roles and responsibilities.
  • We ensure the opinions of citizens of the State are considered when making local decisions by following the open meeting laws.
  • We are reasonable, fair, equitable, and consistent in the applications of the law, rules and regulations.