Primed for New Threats

In today’s global economy, California’s winegrape industry is constantly under the threat of new pests and diseases. Quick action is essential for addressing emerging threats. The PD/GWSS Board and winegrape grower assessment gives the winegrape industry the ability to respond rapidly, without the need for additional legislation or other delays. This puts key decisions for funding research and outreach in the hands of the winegrape growers.

Winegrape assessment funds have supported research and outreach on other designated pests and diseases of winegrapes, including:

Research and Outreach Highlights for Other Designated Pests and Diseases

  • ​Helping eradicate European grapevine moth
  • Improving understanding of the transmission of and effects of grapevine viruses
  • Exploring management practices for brown marmorated stink bug and mealybugs
  • Investigating grape cultivars and rootstocks with resistance to vine mealybug

The Winegrape Pest and Disease Designation Process

In 2010, winegrape growers in California voted to expand the uses of the assessment to include research and outreach on other pests and diseases of winegrapes. These pests and diseases must pose serious dangers to winegrapes, and efforts directed toward them must not substantially diminish the efforts on Pierce’s disease. The PD/GWSS Board follows a specific protocol process when designating a pest or disease.