Network of Fairs

California Fairs Map
Map of California Fairs

B&P Code Section 19622.1 defines a state-supported fair organization as any fair that conducts an annual fair and submits an annual statement of operations to the CDFA. The generic term of "fairs" refers to District Agricultural Associations (DAA's), county fairs, citrus fairs, and the California State Fair.

The network of California fairs includes 80 fair organizations divided into four categories (the latter three are non-DAA organizations):

  • 54 DAA's - a state government entity
  • 2 DAA's were deactivated during fiscal year 1997/98, leaving 52 active DAA's
  • 23 county fairs - County government or not-for-profit organizations
  • 2 citrus fruit fairs - not-for-profit organizations
  • The California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo) - a state agency
  • Map of California Fairs