California Fruit Tree, Nut Tree, And Grapevine Improvement Advisory Board (IAB)

The California Fruit Tree, Nut Tree, and Grapevine Improvement Advisory Board (IAB) was established in 1988 to promote production of high quality tree and grapevine nursery stock.

The mission of the IAB is to enable production of the highest possible quality grapevine and deciduous fruit and ornamental nursery stock and to help develop and promote consumer education.

The IAB Assessment

The IAB is funded through a 1% annual assessment on gross sales paid by producers of deciduous pome and stone fruit tree, nut tree, olive tree, and grapevine nursery stock.

The IAB uses these funds to:

  • Support Foundation Plant Services (FPS) at UC Davis
  • Prunus Necrotic Ringspot Virus and Prune Dwarf Virus testing in registered trees
  • Virus testing and clean-up of new fruit and nut tree varieties
  • Testing for Grapevine Fanleaf Virus and Grapevine Leafroll-associated viruses and vine mealybug trapping in grapevines
  • Support research into disease and pest-resistant varieties and alternatives to fumigants currently in use