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Food safety begins at the farm and ends at the consumer's table. The food chain includes the steps that food undergoes from food production, processing, storage, and transportation, until prepared by consumers. The safety of our food is best assured when all links in the food chain are inter-connected, taking preventive measures at each step. CDFA works with the producers of your food to assure its safety. Because production of safe food does not stop at the farm, processors, retailers, and even you, the consumer, must participate in food safety. For more information on processor, retailer, and consumer programs, visit the FDA, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services, and California Department of Health Services webpages (links in the right column).

Media stories in recent years have led to consumer concerns about the safety of the food supply. CDFA, other governmentagencies, producers, and processors are partnering using a science-based approach for food safety issues. Issues such as use of hormones and antibiotics in animal production, drug residues, and antibiotic resistance are complex in nature and are being addressed using scientific research and education. A scientific approach is also necessary to develop a sound understanding of emerging food safety issues such as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and other agents.

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