Reporting Animal Diseases

The diseases listed on this page are some of the more important reportable diseases to California agriculture; however they are not inclusive of all reportable diseases.

The List of Reportable Diseases includes all disease that must be reported to the Department. The list does not represent all diseases known in animals.

WHO MUST REPORT: Any licensed veterinarian, any person operating a diagnostic laboratory, or any person who has been informed, recognizes or should recognize by virtue of education, experience, or occupation, that any animal or animal product is or may be affected by, or has been exposed to, or may be transmitting or carrying any of the following conditions, must report that information.

WHAT TO REPORT: Any animal disease not known to exist in the United States, any disease for which a control program exists, or any unexplained increase in the number of diseased animals or deaths must be reported. Any conditions caused by exposure to toxic substances that have or may have the potential to be a public health, animal health, or food safety threat must be reported within 24 hours.


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