New Construction & Equipment Review

All new milk products plants (and some repairs) are subject to review and approval. Contact the appropriate Regional Office to obtain an application and schedule an appointment with an inspector.

  • No new milk products plant shall be constructed nor shall extensive repairs be made to any existing milk products plant unless plans or specifications which show in detail the nature of the construction or alteration have been submitted to the director and unless the plans and specifications have received the director’s approval in writing (§33732, FAC).
  • Except as otherwise provided in Section 33733, minimum construction standards for new milk products plants shall include a separate room for each of the following operations:
    • (a) Receiving and weighing of milk or cream, and washing and sterilizing of containers in which milk or cream is received.
    • (b) Pasteurization, processing, cooling, and manufacturing.
    • (c) Washing and sterilizing bottles or cans which are used in the delivery of milk or cream to the wholesale or retail trade.
    • (d) Bacteriological and chemical analyses.
    • (e) Adequate and efficient cold storage room or rooms mechanically equipped and operating.
    • (f) Boiler, compressor, and other machinery.
    • (g) Storing of supplies.
    • (h) Toilets, lavatories, and lockers.
    • (§33732, FAC)
  • A separate room is required for conducting each of the operations which is listed in Section 33732, except that, if any of the functions which are specified in subdivisions (a) to (g), inclusive, of that section are not performed at a milk products plant, there need not be a separate room provided for such function (§33733, FAC).
  • Whenever and wherever the functions which are specified in Section 33732 are performed, such performance shall be with equipment which is determined by the director to be stationary by nature and permanently located (§33734, FAC).
  • Fees: The inspection fee for construction, plant and equipment review is $131.25 per hour, effective July 1, 2023.