Label Review

Section 32912.5 of the California Food and Agriculture Code requires that “Sample copies of all labels to be used in connection with advertising and consumer sales of milk, milk products,frozen desserts,cheeses, and products resembling milk products shall be submitted to the secretary for approval prior to the use of those labels.”

If your company has a label requiring review, please download and complete the “Label Review Submission Form” and submit the form and flattened unprotected high resolution PDF images of the label via email to If you are unable to submit an electronic image, please submit 3 color copies of the label according to the directions on the label review submission form. A $131.25 per hour label review charge applies.

If you are submitting labels for a Product Resembling Milk Product (PRMP), registration of the product is also required. Please download and complete the PRMP product registration form and submit. If the facility manufacturing the PRMP is located in California, please contact the nearest Regional Office of the Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch for assistance submitting the application for a PRMP license or to schedule an appointment with an inspector. All applications must have an inspector’s signature before a license or permit will be issued.

Labeling Information and Resources