Japanese Beetle (JB) Treatment Information

Pest Detection/Emergency Projects  •  1220 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

What to Know

Treatment may take place anytime between 8am and 4pm. There is just one soil application per property or residence scheduled for 2022. In areas with higher beetle density, an additional supplementary foliar treatment may occur.

The treatment for Japanese beetles will be conducted by experienced California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) staff. Only lawns and ground cover plants will be treated. Vegetable gardens, berry bushes, and other edible plants will not be treated.

This treatment consists of the application of Acelepryn larvicide to lawns or ornamental planter beds. The liquid formulation is applied to turf and ground cover using truck mounted spray rigs. The dry granular formulation is dispersed onto turf and ground cover using motorized or hand-operated rigs. After the initial dispersal of either formulation, additional staff will water the product into the lawn using a water trailer spray rig. This will take approximately 15 to 35 minutes for an average size lawn. You do not need to be home or present for the application. If you will not be home, please see instructions below about how to prepare your residence for the treatment.

Please make sure that your property is accessible to our crew. We need to treat front and back yards. All applicable outside gates and entryways should be unlocked. Animals must be kept inside for the safety of our crew. Rescheduling properties for treatment at a later date is time-consuming and costly, and can reduce the efficacy of the treatment.

The scheduled time above is weather dependent. Very rainy weather or saturated soil increases the risk of the product being washed off the surface quickly and not entering the soil. Normal to light rain is OK. If it is too rainy on the day of scheduled treatment, or if we are delayed for other reasons, we will notify you of the rescheduled date as soon as possible.

Further information about Acelepryn

Further information about Acelepryn G:

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Before the Treatment

On or prior to the morning of treatment, please make sure that:

  1. Your property is accessible to the treatment crew. We need to treat front and backyards. All applicable outside gates and entryways should be unlocked. Animals must be kept inside for the safety of our crew.
  2. Non-stationary items that can be easily moved are removed from lawns and grassy areas.
  3. Water and food bowls for pets are removed or covered during application.
  4. Adults, children and pets of all kinds remain inside during the application so as not to interfere with personnel conducting the treatment. The application should take 15 to 35 minutes to complete for an average size lawn.

After the Treatment

Keep children and pets off the treated area until the product has dried. The area is then immediately safe to re-enter. Staff will post “no entry” signs after treatment, then retrieve them when the lawn is dry.

Current Treatment Area Maps

Sacramento County:

Proclamation of an Emergency Program (PEP)

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