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Disaster preparedness is essential for protecting animal health and welfare during emergencies. This page provides resource links to help communities and emergency management planners adopt and practice the Whole Community approach. The Whole Community approach to emergency management engages business, government, and nonprofit sectors to integrate the needs, capabilities, and resources of the community. The goal of the collaboration is to build and strengthen partnerships, empower local action, highlight community work through shared best practices and resources. Although animal owners are ultimately responsible for their animals, government and volunteer organizations may need to support animal owners based on the scale of the disaster. We are all in this together to ensure California’s readiness and resilience.

  • Each County in California has an emergency alerting program that you can sign up for to receive alerts if an emergency situation were to arise in your county. If you work in one county, but you live in another, you can sign up for both.
  • Download the CAL FIRE Ready for Wildfire App to create a personalized wildfire readiness plan and learn active incident information and get quick and timely wildfire updates.

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