Animal Health Branch Newsletter

July 2023

April 2023 Newsletter front cover

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State Veterinarian's Message
Message from the Branch Chief
The Dreaded Lookalike - Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Strikes Again
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreak Update
Two Eggs with a Side of Lead: A CAHEN Case Report on Lead Contamination in Backyard Chicken Eggs
Chronic Wasting Disease: An Emerging California Concern
Future of Brucellosis in California – A Continued Threat?
Brucella ovis Free Flock Certification
Foreign Animal Disease Investigations
Marek's Disease – Not Always Textbook or Typical
Fly Identification Resources
Animal Care Program Update: Implementation of Proposition 12 (2018)
The Animal Health Branch is Hiring!
CDFA Announces Vacancies On The Cattle Health Advisory Task Force
Stop By and See Us at The Fair
AHB Staff Biography
Animal Health Branch Contact Information