Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance collage and link

The QA program is an independent program within CAC that provides support to all laboratories and programs within CAC in the implementation and management of International Standards Organization (ISO) 17025 accreditation, which enables CAC to provide accredited services using multiple technology platforms on a broad spectrum of analytes and agrochemicals covering a wide variety of raw agricultural products, hemp, cannabis, groundwater, surface water, air, soil, and fertilizing materials. CAC management is focused on developing and implementing effective customer service strategies to provide “fit for purpose” services to its regulatory counterparts in their regulatory and monitoring activities while also catering the needs of developing new test methods.

QA conducts internal audit and “check samples” to ensure the competency and integrity of laboratory staff, equipment and methods. It assists laboratory staff in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), equipment specifications and method validation and data review. It provides input to Branch Management on good quality assurance and control processes, reviews and approves corrective action plans for deficiencies found during Internal and External Audits and provides Internal Proficiency Evaluation Samples for quality testing.

Additionally, the QA program provides Proficiency Testing samples for various public and private laboratories.