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Commercial Feed Regulatory Program

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Inspectors and Investigators located throughout the state conduct routine sampling and inspections, quality assurance inspections of feed manufacturing facilities, respond to consumer complaints, and enforce the laws and regulations that govern the manufacturing distribution of livestock feed. The Commercial Feed Regulatory Program along with the feed manufacturing industry ensures a clean and wholesome supply of milk and meat as well as providing assurance that the product received by the consumer is the quality and quantity purported by the manufacturer. This program is funded through the collection of a licensing fee and inspection fee based on tonnage sold.

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How to Apply for a Commercial Feed License and Report Tonnage

Log into our online database to manage your commercial feed licenses and tonnage reporting. Through the database, you can apply for new and manage current commercial feed licenses, update contact information, change address, enter tonnage reporting data, request certificate of free sale, and pay fees.

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Commercial Feed Program Fees

  • Licensing Fees
    Each person shall obtain a license from the secretary for each location where commercial feed is manufactured, distributed, sold, or stored for later sale. Commercial Feed Licensing is for one year, beginning July 1st and expiring June 30th of the following year. The current annual licensing fee is $500. A reduced license fee of $100 is available for firms solely engaged in the diversion of eligible human food by-products to commercial feed without further manufacturing/ processing.
  • Tonnage Fees
    Any person who distributes commercial feed to a consumer-buyer in California shall pay an inspection tonnage tax on commercial feed sold except for whole hays when unmixed and whole grains. The inspection tonnage tax is currently twelve cents ($0.12) per ton. Inspection tonnage tax is due on a quarterly basis. Eligible human food by-products diverted to commercial feed without further manufacturing/processing will be assessed at a reduced inspection tonnage tax rate of zero cents ($0.00) per ton for the first 1,000 tons and six cents ($0.06) per ton for all tons over 1,000 reported during the license period.

Feed Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB) and Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC)

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The Feed Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB) was created under the authority of the Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) solely to represent and further the interest of the commercial feed industry as intended to serve the public interest. In 2013, FIAB adopted TASC to serve as an expert scientific panel on matters concerning feed/food safety issues.

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Safe Animal Feed Education Program (SAFE)

SAFE Program logo

The quantity and diversity of animal feed commodities used in California makes California the largest manufacturer of animal feed in the U.S. In addition, more stringent state and federal food safety regulations, livestock drug regulations, and environmental policies have impacted the industry over the past decade. SAFE helps the livestock feed industry gain voluntary compliance with regulations to ensure a safe feed supply in a changing market. SAFE continually works to address the needs of the industry by focusing on topics under advisory of the Feed Inspection Advisory Board (FIAB) and the Technical Advisory Subcommittee (TASC).

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Animal Feed Regulatory Program Standards (AFRPS)

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FDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) developed the AFRPS to establish a uniform foundation for the design and management of state programs that regulate animal feed. Implementing the AFRPS helps states achieve and maintain programmatic improvements that ensure the safety and integrity of the U.S. animal feed supply.

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CFRP and SAFE Staff


Jenna Leal
Environmental Program Manager I - CFRP Manager
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Mike Davidson
Supervising Special Investigator - Field Supervisor
(209) 649-3682

Rachelle Kennedy
Senior Environmental Scientist Supervisor - Program Supervisor
(916) 900-5022

KC Gutenberger
Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist
(916) 214-6725


Ted Bert
Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist - Compliance Officer
(559) 246-0753

Valerie White
Environmental Scientist - Lab Coordinator
(916) 900-5022

Ashley James
Research Data Analyst II - AUS/Contracts
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Erika Lewis-Ortega
Research Data Specialist II - Admin/Regulations
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Samantha Moran-Defty
Senior Environmental Scientist Specialist - Admin/Contracts
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Frankie Aguilar
Staff Services Analyst - Licensing/Tonnage
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