Range of Enforcment Activities

Services of Market Services Division

The Division of Marketing Services assists producers and handlers of farm products to resolve marketing problems as well as to gather, analyze and distribute marketing information. The general purpose of the Division has not changed significantly since the State Marketing Commission Act of 1915.

Services Provided By the Division

  • Oversight of the network of California Fairs
  • Research and information gathering
  • Disseminating marketing and economic information
  • Identifying and helping resolve marketing problems
  • Assisting the dairy industry in maintaining stable marketing conditions
  • Providing mediation to resolve problems between producers and handlers
  • Assuring that producers are paid for their products

Services Available Through the Marketing Branch

Oversees the proper implementation, administration and oversight of California's different marketing advisory boards, agreements, councils and commissions under enabling statutes within the Food and Agricultural Code.

Services Available Through the Market Enforcement Branch