California Border Protection Stations (BPS) Seasonal Employment

Click on a border station location for more information about seasonal employment opportunities.

Map of California showing location of border stations
Smith River (US 101) Smith River (US 101) Redwood Highway (SR 199) Redwood Highway (SR 199) Hornbrook (I-5) Hornbrook (I-5) Dorris (US 97) Dorris (US 97) Tulelake (SR 139) Tulelake (SR 139) Alturas (US 395) Alturas (US 395) Long Valley (US 395) Long Valley (US 395) Truckee (I-80) Truckee (I-80) Meyers (US 50) Meyers (US 50) Topaz (US 395) Topaz (US 395) Benton (US 6) Benton (US 6) Mt. Pass (I-15) Mt. Pass (I-15) Needles (I-40) Needles (I-40) Vidal (SR 62) Vidal (SR 62) Blythe (I-10) Blythe (I-10) Winterhaven (I-8) Winterhaven (I-8)

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