Division of Measurement Standards

Hydrogen Fuel

The Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) is responsible for overseeing the fuel quality, dispenser accuracy, and advertising of fuels sold at retail, including hydrogen. DMS began its hydrogen–related activities in 2005, when Senate Bill 76 placed the responsibility to adopt specifications for hydrogen fuel on the Department of Food and Agriculture (Department). DMS developed interim California standards until the SAE International hydrogen fuel quality standard J2719 became available. The SAE standard is now effective in California.

All weighing and measuring devices intended for commercial use in California must be evaluated, tested and approved by DMS. This process is known as "type evaluation." Hydrogen dispensers will undergo rigorous evaluation to assure they are suitable for commercial use and will not facilitate fraud. California-specific specifications for hydrogen dispensers have been adopted into the California Code of Regulations to assist with the early deployment of these devices.

DMS is also responsible for minimizing measurement error in transactions through ongoing inspection and testing of commercial weighing and measuring devices. County sealers of weights and measures perform the vast majority of device testing under the Department’s supervision and direction. As the number of hydrogen dispensers increases, DMS will provide training and guidance to county weights and measures officials for these activities.


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