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Division Of Measurement Standards: California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP)

Scale with weightBefore any new type of weighing or measuring device can be sold or used for commercial purposes in California, it must be evaluated and approved by the Department of Food and Agriculture, Division of Measurement Standards (DMS).

DMS' California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) evaluates a device according to California's Laws and Regulations. The purpose of type evaluation is to certify that the design and performance of a new commercial weighing or measuring device model is suitable for its intended use, is accurate, operates correctly, has all required markings, and prevents the facilitation of fraud. Upon successful CTEP evaluation, DMS issues a Certificate of Approval (COA) that allows the device to be used for commercial purposes. The CTEP Information Guide offers additional information about type evaluation.

DMS' CTEP laboratory is also a participating laboratory for the National Conference on Weights and Measures, National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). As a participating NTEP laboratory, DMS is authorized to evaluate weighing and measuring devices intended for the national marketplace. When conducting an NTEP evaluation, DMS uses the national uniform standards published in the current edition of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44, Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices. Upon DMS’ successful NTEP evaluation of a device, NCWM issues a Certificate of Conformance (CC) that allows the device to be used commercially across the U.S. and its territories.

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