Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship

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VFD Resources

VFD Terminology - A guide to understanding the language used in writing VFDs.
VFD Terminology
Understanding the VFD Form - A description of the information that is required on a VFD form.
Understanding the VFD Form
Common VFD Calculations -A step-by-step guide to making VFD calculations.
Common VFD Calculations
VFD Online Resources -A collection of online resources describing VFDs and helpful sources for calculations and information.
VFD Online Resources
VFD Annotated Guideline - A colorful, annotated guideline to help veterinarians fill out a VFD step-by-step using a sample label of Neomycin & Oxytetracycline in calf milk replacer.
VFD Annotated Guideline
Aureo S700 Granular VFD Calculations - A two-page document that addresses a calculation challenge veterinarians may encounter when writing a VFD order for Type A Medicated Article "Aureo S700 Granular."
Aureo S700 Granular VFD Calculations
Writing VFD Special Instructions - A one-page guide for how to write the special instructions on a VFD order based on the product label mixing instructions. This example uses "Neo-Oxy 10/10" as the Type B Medicated Feed.
Writing VFD Special Instructions
VFD Requirements for Producers FDA material that can be printed as a brochure
VFD Requirements for the Veterinarian FDA material that can be printed as a brochure
VFD Requirements for Distributors For those who manufacture VFD feed
VFD Common Format Q&A GFI #233 (Appendix A has a blank VFD in the recommended common format)
ELDU VFD for MUMS CPG 615.115 (page 8 has the description of the ELDU written recommendation and the VFD “special instructions”)
Blue Bird Labels FDA provides a list of all Type A medicated articles and labels proposed for manufactured Type B and Type C medicated feed with legal VFD drug combinations and feeding instructions.
VFD Regulations The Federal Register
VFD Regulations Q&A GFI #120: VFD regulation Q&A

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Summary Reports:Annual summaries of manufacturing and distribution data for California medicated feed containing a VFD drug or combination VFD drugs, by VFD order written by a licensed veterinarian.