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Welcome to the Farmer Resource Portal — This page is designed to help farmers and ranchers find key information about CDFA grant programs, information about important regulations that affect farmers, CDFA boards and commissions and resources CDFA offers for farmers and ranchers in multiple languages.

The Farmer Equity Report is an in-depth report that outlines the key challenges facing socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers in California and a set of recommendations for CDFA to address these challenges. The full report is available in English and Español.

CDFA wishes to thank all of the farmers, government agency staff and non-profit organizations for their valuable input and contributions to this report. CDFA extends a special thank you to the California Farmer Justice Collaborative for their steadfast support and collaboration, beginning with their work to create AB 1348 in 2017, and continuing throughout the past two years as members worked closely with the Farmer Equity Advisor throughout the writing and research for this report.

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The Farmer Equity Act

The Farmer Equity Act (AB 1348) was created to increase support and access to resources and information for the growing number of socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers throughout California. Socially disadvantaged groups have been subjected to racial, ethnic or gender prejudice because of their identity as members of a group without regard to their individual qualities. Socially disadvantaged groups, as defined in AB 1348, are African Americans, Native Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanic, Latino/a, Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islander groups. Other historically underserved groups of farmers include urban farmers, veteran farmers, women farmers and LGBTQ farmers. Thea Rittenhouse is the CDFA Farmer Equity Advisor, a position created through this legislation.

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